Olive leaf (Oleae folium)

List of German Commission E Monographs (Phytotherapy)


January 17, 1991

Name of Drug Oleae folium, olive leaf.

Composition of Drug

Olive leaf consists of the fresh or dried leaf of Olea europaea L. s.l. [Fam. Oleaceae], as well as preparations thereof.


Preparations of Olive leaf are used as an antihypertensive and diuretic. The effectiveness of olive leaf for the claimed applications is not sufficiently documented.


None known.


Since the effectiveness of the drug and its preparations for the claimed uses is not documented, a therapeutic application for hypertonia cannot be justified.


In animal experiments:

Antispasmodic Bronchodilator Coronary dilator Hypotensive Antiarrhythmic and arrhythmogenic Antipyretic Hypoglycemic Diuretic