Fixed Combinations of Eucalyptus oil and Pine Needle oil

Published July 14, 1993.
List of German Commission E Monographs (Phytotherapy)

Name of Drug

Fixed combinations of eucalyptus oil and pine needle oil.

Composition of Drug

Fixed combinations consisting of:

Eucalyptus oil according to the notice of 21 July 1986 (B. Anz. p. 177a of September 24, 1986, Supplement);
Pine needle oil according to the notice of August 13, 1986 (B. Anz. 9943);

as well as preparations in effective dosage.

Pharmacological Properties, Pharmacokinetics, Toxicology

For preparations from eucalyptus oil and pine needle oil a hyperemic and secretolytic effect is proven. In addition, eucalyptus oil is an expectorant and is weakly spasmolytic. Pine needle oil is weakly antiseptic. Pharmacological studies about the effects of the fixed combination are unknown.

Clinical Data 1. Uses For inhalation and external application in case of illnesses of the respiratory tract caused by a cold.

2. Contraindications

Bronchial asthma. Whooping cough.


In the case of babies and small children, eucalyptus-containing preparations should not be applied in the area of the face, especially the nose. 3. Side Effects On the skin and mucous membranes irritation phenomena can appear. Bronchial spasms can increase.

Note: If not used according to directions (e.g., swallowing), nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can occur.

4. Interactions with Other Drugs

None known.

5. Dosage

Unless otherwise prescribed:

Eucalyptus oil and pine needle oil each time, 3 - 10 percent in semisolid preparations.

Mixture of the essential oils 50 percent of the dose.

6. Mode of Administration

Semisolid preparations are rubbed on the chest and back.

For inhalation:

Hot water is poured over 1 - 5 g of ointment and the vapors are inhaled. Hot water is poured over 1 - 5 drops of the essential oil mixture and the vapors are inhaled, or in the case of babies and small children 1 - 5 drops are given on a cloth.