Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis)

Published August 29, 1992.
List of German Commission E Monographs (Phytotherapy)


Name of Drug

Euphrasia officinalis, eyebright.
Euphrasiae herba, eyebright herb.

Composition of Drug

Eyebright consists of the whole plant of Euphrasia officinalis L. p. p. [Fam. Scrophulariaceae] gathered during flowering season, as well as preparations thereof.

Eyebright herb consists of the fresh or dried, above-ground parts of E. officinalis L. p. p., as well as preparations thereof.

Pharmacological Properties, Pharmacokinetics, Toxicology

Not known.

Clinical Data 1. Uses Eyebright preparations are used externally as lotions, poultices, and eye-baths, for eye complaints associated with disorders and inflammation of the blood vessels, inflammation of the eyelids and conjunctiva, as a preventive measure against mucus and catarrh of the eyes, "glued" and inflamed eyes, for coughs, colds, catarrh, and as a stomachic and against skin conditions.

Activity for the indications listed has not been substantiated.

The effectiveness of the herb for its claimed uses is not documented.

2. Risks

None known.


Since the effectiveness of the herb for its claimed uses is not documented, a therapeutic application cannot be recommended because of hygienic reasons.