Fixed Combinations of Anise oil and Iceland Moss

Published April 4, 1992. Composition of Drug Fixed combinations consisting of:
List of German Commission E Monographs (Phytotherapy)

Anise oil corresponding to B. Anz. 122, July 6, 1988;
Iceland moss corresponding to B. Anz. 43, March 2, 1989;

and their preparations in effective dosage.


Catarrhs of the upper respiratory tract with dry cough.


Allergy to anise and anethole.

Side Effects

Occasionally, allergic reactions of the skin, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract.

Interactions with Other Drugs

None Known.


Unless otherwise prescribed:

The individual components of the combination must be present at the recommended daily dosage in the monographs for the individual herbs.

Mode of Administration

Comminuted drug and essential oil, as well as galenical preparations for oral intake.


For preparations of anise oil, an expectorant action is documented; also, mild spasmolytic and antibacterial actions are documented. Iceland moss has a soothing effect and a mild antibacterial action. Pharmacological tests for the effectiveness of fixed combinations are not available.