Milk Thistle herb (Cardui mariae herba)

Published March 11, 1992.
List of German Commission E Monographs (Phytotherapy)


Name of Drug

Cardui mariae herba, milk thistle herb.

Composition of Drug

Milk thistle herb consists of the fresh or dried, above-ground parts of Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertner [Fam. Asteraceae], as well as preparations thereof.


Preparations of milk thistle herb are used for maintaining health, for stimulation and functional disorders of liver and gallbladder, for jaundice, gallbladder colics, diseases of the spleen and pleurisy.

The effectiveness for the claimed applications is not documented.


None known.


Since the effectiveness for the claimed uses is not documented, a therapeutic application cannot be recommended.

Ed. note: A standardized preparation of Milk Thistle fruits is listed in the Approved Herbs section.]. -->