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Blackthorn flower (Pruni spinosae)

Published June 1, 1990.
List of German Commission E Monographs (Phytotherapy)


Name of Drug

Pruni spinosae flos, blackthorn flower.

Composition of Drug

Blackthorn flower consists of the dried flowers of Prunus spinosa L. [Fam. Rosaceae], as well as preparations thereof.


Preparations of blackthorn flower are used for common colds, diseases and ailments of the respiratory tract, as a laxative, for diarrhea, for prophylaxis and therapy of gastric spasms, bloating, intestinal diseases and dyspepsia, also for dropsy, ailments of the kidneys and bladder, bladder spasms, as a diuretic, diaphoretic, and for general exhaustion, convalescence, and, externally, for rashes, skin impurities and for "blood purification."


None known.


Since the effectiveness is not sufficiently documented, a therapeutic application cannot be recommended.

There is no concern for the use of the herb as a coloring agent for tea mixtures.