Watercress (Nasturtii herba)

Published February 1, 1990.
List of German Commission E Monographs (Phytotherapy)


Name of Drug

Nasturtii herba, watercress.

Composition of Drug

Watercress consists of the fresh or dried, above-ground parts of Nasturtium officinale R. Brown [Fam. Brassicaceae], as well as their preparations in effective dosage.

The herb contains mustard glycosides and mustard oil.


Catarrh of respiratory tract.


Gastric and intestinal ulcers, inflammatory kidney diseases.

No application for children under the age of four.

Side Effects

In rare cases, gastrointestinal complaints.

Interactions with Other Drugs

None known.


Unless otherwise prescribed:

Daily dosage:

4 - 6 g dried herb; 20 - 30 g fresh herb; 60 - 150 g freshly pressed juice; equivalent preparations. Mode of Administration Cut herb, freshly pressed juice, as well as other galenical preparations for internal use.