Delphinium flower (Delphinii flos)

Published April 27, 1989.
List of German Commission E Monographs (Phytotherapy)


Name of Drug

Delphinii flos, delphinium flower.

Composition of Drug

Delphinium flower consists of the flowers of Delphinium consolida L. [Fam. Ranunculaceae], as well as preparations thereof.


Preparations of Delphinium flower are used as a diuretic and vermifuge, as a sedative and an appetite-stimulating remedy.

The effectiveness for the claimed applications is not documented.


Warning: The alkaloids of Delphinium lead to bradycardia, lowering of blood pressure, and cardiac arrest. Also, they have a central paralyzing and curare-like effect on the respiratory system.

Dependable information on the alkaloid content in the flowers is not available.


Since the effectiveness of Delphinium and its preparations is not documented, a therapeutic administration cannot be recommended.

There are no objections for its use as a brightening agent (under 1 percent) in tea mixtures.