White Dead Nettle flower (Lamii albi flos)

Published April 23, 1987.
List of German Commission E Monographs (Phytotherapy)

Weiße Taubnesselblüten

Name of Drug

Lamii albi flos, white dead nettle flower.

Composition of Drug

White dead nettle flower consists of the dried petal with attached stamens of Lamium album L. [Fam. Lamiaceae], as well as its preparations in effective dosage.

The flowers contain tannin, mucilage and saponins.


Internally, for catarrh of the upper respiratory passages, topical treatment of mild inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, and for non-specific fluor albus (leukorrhea).

Externally, for mild, superficial inflammation of the skin.


None known.

Side Effects

None known.

Interactions with Other Drugs

None known.


Unless otherwise prescribed:

Average daily dosage:

3 g of drug. External:

5 g of flowers for one sitz bath; equivalent preparations. Mode of Administration Flowers for teas and other galenical preparations for internal applications, rinses, baths and moist compresses.