Hempnettle herb (Galeopsidis herba)

Published April 23, 1987.
List of German Commission E Monographs (Phytotherapy)


Name of Drug

Galeopsidis herba, hempnettle.

Composition of Drug

Hempnettle consists of the above-ground parts of Galeopsis segetum Necker (synonym G. ochroleuca Lamarck) [Fam. Lamiaceae], gathered at flowering season, as well as their preparations in effective dosage.

The herb contains tannin and saponins.


Mild catarrhs of the respiratory tract.


None known.

Side Effects

None known.

Interactions with Other Drugs

None known.


Unless otherwise prescribed:

Average daily dosage:

6 g of herb; equivalent preparations. Mode of Administration Comminuted herb for teas and other galenical preparations for internal use.